Prefabricated Sheds

If I build or purchase a prefabricated shed do I need a permit?
Yes. You will have to supply a survey of your property with a proposed location of the shed.

A recent zoning interpretation has determined that any construction 80 sq. ft. or larger will need a building permit. Construction smaller than 80 Sq. Ft will not need a building permit, but if it does not meet the minimum required setbacks (Click here for the standard setbacks by zone), you will still need to apply for a variance.

  • Sheds larger then 600 square feet or less for light-frame construction or 400 square feet or less for other than light-frame construction, and have height of 10 feet or less will require a foundation.
  • A framing drawing shall be submitted (2 copies) or if the shed is prefabricated we need a copy of manufacturer's literature.
  • A zoning permit may be necessary to met your property set backs. If you don’t know your setback distance you could call the office and someone can help you with that information.

All sheds need to be anchored to the ground in at least four corners

Enclosures or sheds that are less than 80 Sq.Ft., that snap, clip or interlock together and aren't held together with screws, bolts or nails do not require a permit.