Lake Carmel Park District

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Lake Carmel Park District Advisory Board Meetings
2nd Monday of each month - 7:00 pm (check calendar during holidays)
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The Lake Carmel Park District and Community Center are in constant need of volunteers for its committees, events and special projects. Please email or call 845-306-5602 if you are interested in getting involved.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jaime McGlasson Liaison
Christopher Ruthven Liaison
Heidi Link Clerk 845-306-5602

Advisory Board Members

Name Title
Walter Recher Advisory Board Chair
Dale Cusack Advisory Board Asst. Chair
Joseph Fleischman Advisory Board Member
Jerri Jacobs Advisory Board Member
Pat Madigan Advisory Board Member
Madeline Perez Advisory Board Member
Robert Ulich Advisory Board Member
Cathy Wargas Advisory Board Member