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Kent Town Hall
Kent Town Center - 25 Sybil's Crossing
Kent Lakes, NY 10512
Kent is located in north-central Putnam County, just south of Dutchess County, bordered on the east by Patterson, on the south by Carmel and on the west by Putnam Valley and Philipstown.
It's comprised of about 23,000 acres, it is 15 miles wide from east to west and 6 miles from north to south.
Spring 2012
It was originally a part of Frederickstown, which was established March 7th, 1788, and was separated from it and made a new town, under the name of Fredericks in 1795. Its name was changed to Kent in honor of the Kent family in 1817.
Spring2014 Kent is primarily a rural region with many beautiful lakes, ponds, reservoirs and rocky mountain ranges.
Because of its proximity to New York City many residents began to travel to Kent to enjoy the beautiful lakes, mountains and quiet green country side.
Kent transformed from a rural farming region to suburbia with the construction of Interstate 84 in the 1960's.
There are two exits off of Interstate 84, Exit 17 and 18.
The Taconic State Parkway on the western side of Kent exits at Route 301 and Hortontown Road.
Originally meant for pleasure drives to the country it now serves as a major route to Westchester and New York City.