Recyclables & Newspaper / Cardboard


  • Recyclables (cans, glass & plastic bottles) must be removed from household waste.
  • Place in separate can Labeled with an ‘R’ or in a clear or blue Recyclable bag.
  • Please place curbside the night before your first garbage pickup of the week.
  • Garbage will be left curbside until these regulations are followed
  • If metal cans, glass and plastic are NOT rinsed, they will NOT be picked up.
  • All recyclables must be in a CAN.PLEASE label all cans.
  • Recyclables in a supermarket bag will NOT be picked up.

Newspaper and cardboard pickup

  • Newspapers must be tied with twine or placed in a brown bag and placed curbsideTuesday night for wednesday pickup
  • Cardboard must be broken down and placed curbside