Burning Permits

The Town of Kent is changing it open burning regulations due to some recent changes in the NYS –DEC laws.(6 NYCRR Part 215) Open Burning Permit are no longer issued from a Forest Ranger office. Some other new changes are:

  • No treated wood – varnished, stained, sealed, glued or otherwise adulterated,
  • Pressure treated, plywood, particle board, fiberboard and oriented strand board (OSB)
  • No branch larger than 6” inches in diameter and less then 8’ feet long
  • No open burning at all from March 15th to May 15th.

If you live in the Lake Carmel Sanitation District, burning permits are not allowed.
Grass and leaf bags are offered please contact the sanitation office at 225-7030 and get information where bags can be obtained and pickup times. Building permits, do not allow you to burn construction material at any time. Contact the fire inspector office for more information – 845-306-5599

The Town of Kent will issue a Fire Permit, if you live outside the sanitation district, These permits are conditional and must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Downed limbs and branched less then 6”inches diameter, less than 8’ feet long. with needles with leaf attached
  • Burning is from sunrise to sunset.
  • You must be there, at all times!
  • You need water or a garden hose
  • Hands tools. (Shovel, Rake)
  • Three (3) ft. clearance, free of vegetation around a burn barrel and 25 ft from a structure OR
  • Three (3) ft. clearance, free of vegetation around the small piles
  • 50 feet from a structure
  • Small piles shouldn’t be larger then 3’ ft in diameter by 2’ft in height
  • No burning on Sundays or holiday.

You must call Kent Police 225-5646 and the Putnam Co.911-Dispatch center non-emergency number 225-4860, before you burn.

Permits are also available from the Town Clerk office

If you have questions, you may call the Fire inspector office at 306-5599.

Permits are available from the Town Clerk