How do we do all this?

How do we do all this?

First of all everyone working at the center is an unpaid volunteer. The KRC receives no money from the Town. We are financed solely by the yearly membership fee of $50.00 and fees charged for bulk items. The membership fee has enabled us to build the recycling building for $40,000, develop the site ($120,000) and pay for all equipment needed to process recyclables and bulk items, two new sheds and a paper shredder.

There is another reason why we are able to function. When you come into our center and sort all your recyclables you are saving us a considerable amount of money. Curbside collection mixes all your recyclables together and they must pay to have them separated. Processing recyclables currently costs more than twice as much as disposing of garbage!

Come by any Wednesday or Saturday and see your neighbors working together to recycle the materials our children will be needing in the future.

Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Schhol Students and their leaders can tour the Recycling Center by pre-arranging a scheduled time. They will see first hand all the items that can be recycled and learn how valuable a recycling center is in conserving our natural resources.