Stormwater Management Committee

The mission of the Town of Kent Stormwater Management Committee (hereafter "the SwMC") is threefold: to educate, to initiate and to oversee the arena of Stormwater Management throughout the Town of Kent.

Whereas the Town of Kent appreciates the necessity of a healthful environment for its residents and further understands that polluted storm water is the major source of contaminants entering our lakes, streams, and drinking water supplies.

To seek redress for these problems the Town of Kent Stormwater Committee has been convened for the purpose acting as a conduit and central point of information for the Town's efforts to meet new anti-pollution requirements set forth by the Federal EPA in March of 2003.

A large portion of the Town of Kent falls in the Croton Watershed of New York City and the Town recognizes its responsibility to protect surface waters within it's jurisdiction.

The SwMC shall educate the public on the causes of polluted storm water runoff, devise and disseminate solutions and work with local agencies to effect these solutions following the course of action set forth in the Notice of Intent passed by the Kent Town Board in March 2003.

The SwMC will assist the Kent Town Board in the survey, inspection and monitoring of areas that are suspected, known or potential sources of surface pollution. An inventory of these areas will be maintained and a priority list will be established for the development of specific plans to deal with these areas.

The SwMC will assist in the development of a comprehensive plan to remediate areas that are recognized to be significant sources of surface water pollution.

The SwMC will preview the plans for any remediation projects that will alleviate run-off pollution from storm water.

The SwMC will assist in the development and implementation of public education programs designed to advise the public of the need to reduce and ultimately prevent the pollution of surface water by storm water runoff.

The SwMC will make recommendations to the Kent Town Board of legislation required to further protect the waters within the Town of Kent.

The SwMC serves at the pleasure of the Kent Town Board. The SwMC will consist of 5 members appointed by the Kent Town Board for a period of two years. The appointments may be renewed. The Chairperson of this Committee is to be appointed by the Kent Town Board.

Board Members

Name Title
Kathy Kahng Chairwoman
Charles Sisto Member
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