Brochures Available

Copies of these brochures are available at The Assessor’s office, or from New York State Office of Real Property Services

  • “Your Right To Know” New York State’s Open Government Laws (freedom of information, open meetings, personal privacy protection).
  • “Real Property Tax in New York State - Common Myths & Misunderstandings”
  • “The Job of The Assessor”
  • “Fair Assessments”
  • “Reassessment and Your Property Tax”
  • “Q & A: The Annual Reassessment Program”
  • “A Taxpayer’s Guide: How to File for A Review of Your Assessment”
  • “Members of Elected Boards of Assessors: Training & Certification Requirements”
  • “Q & A About the STAR Exemption”
  • “Governor Pataki’s School Tax Relief Program: Questions & Answers for NYS Homeowners”
  • “Q & A: Senior Citizens Exemption”
  • “Veterans’ Exemption: Questions & Answers”
  • “Q & A: Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes”