Tactical Laser Tag League

Spring Laser Tactical Laser Tag League

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Registration begins Monday, March 13!

The Town of Kent is happy to announce a new program for middle school and high school students.  This Tactical Laser Tag League will take place at Edward Ryan Memorial Park in the Fitness Trail.  It is a six week program that will be comprised of various missions and assignments each week.  Teams of 4 will compete and in the end a champion in each division will be crowned.

There are two divisions; Alpha (middle school) and Bravo (high school).  Teams will be comprised of 4 members.  You can sign up with your friends to make a team or teams will be made by the Recreation Department (we cannot guarantee placement of individuals).  There is a maximum of 32 players per age group or a total of 64 players.

The league is scheduled to run on Thursday afternoons beginning on April 20.  Alpha Division will play in half hour blocks from 4pm to 5pm.  Bravo Division will play in half hour blocks from 5pm to 6pm.

If enough interest is expressed a second day of play will be added on Wednesdays at the same game times as Thursday.

Registration ends on April 7.