Fences, Hedges and Landscaping

Sometimes the Highway Department is alerted of a potential hazard on our right-of-way. It seems that brush/shrubs or hedges obstruct a safe view of oncoming traffic.

So we suggest that all our residents read the following law and take preventative actions first.

Our department uses power equipment for roadside maintenance, which at times does not leave an attractive appearance.

Zoning Board Law:  77-17. Fences hedges and landscaping

Kent Zoning Law reads as follows:

Except as set forth hereinafter, no fence or garden wall in any required yard or between the front building line and the required fron yard shall exceed a height of six (6) feet. If erected along the street line, the height shall be measured from the existing elevation of the opposite point along the center line of the street. Within a radius of thirty (30) feet of the corner formed by intersecting streets, the height of any fence, garden wall, hedge or other densely growing shrubbery shall not exceed two and on-half (2 1/2) feet.